See fine art without glass and security guards…

Welcome to The VR Museum of Fine Art, the virtual world’s finest art gallery.

If you’ve been training to be a space pirate and building fantastical contraptions all day, the Museum is your ticket to a well-deserved break. Surround yourself with 1:1 scale sculptures and paintings, and we won’t tell anybody if you touch the merchandise! No rope barriers or glass walls here. Feel free to explore the artwork however you see fit. Room-scale VR lets you walk around, duck under, and even hug the life-sized figures.

The VR Museum includes 15 high-fidelity sculptures (with more coming). In addition, two floors of famous paintings are included, scanned and rendered in crisp detail.  The artwork is arranged thoughtfully into four exhibits, each with its own theme and informative holographic plaques next to each piece for patrons to learn about them.

Tickets are free, drinks are temporarily non-existent, and the artwork is pristine. Enjoy!

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