Manipulate the environment around you with the powerful arcane forces that flow through your fingertips…

You’re a rising star in Chicago’s dueling underground.  When two of your fellow acolytes go missing, it’s up to you to investigate.  You find a city unhinged, its neon back-alleys crawling with demons – and you uncover a grim history that won’t stay buried.  Play the single-player Acolytes Chapter, or challenge other spell-casters in the arena to rise up through the ranks of an urban magic fight club.

Manipulate the environment around you with the powerful arcane forces that flow through your fingertips.  Summon eldritch monstrosities with your bare hands.  Unlock your full potential with gesture-based spell-casting.  From a finessed flick of the wrist to a visceral push, the play style is up to you – five classes channel their energies to cast over thirty spells.  You’ll levitate cares, unleash electricity and see the future.

The Classes

The Electromancer Class

This living battery taps into the city’s power grid to energize arcane constructs.  Pace yourself. Absorb your opponent’s projectiles while your Primal Lightning charges, and then unleash an electrical barrage with both hands—you alone can dual wield offensive spells.  Feel the hum of your power. Your success depends upon the ebb and flow, the charge and the release. Tap the grid, hold back, and then explode.

The Blackjack Class

Your nimble casting is duly noted. Your impeccable technique transcends a mere parlor trick; your fingers brush knife-thin constellation lines to manipulate perception itself. Sleight of hand is your calling card as The Blackjack!

With carefully directed blades, your damage-per-second is second to none. But your health is low. Use your Spectral Cloak to stay hidden while you prepare an offensive gesture spell, reach for a devastating artifact, or assemble a Guardian effigy.


The Kineticist Class

The Kineticist wields heavy objects with a deliberate style. Time your Telekinetic Primal carefully. Defend with your off-hand shield while an object overcomes inertia to move to your primary hand.

A held object can act as an improvised shield. And a thrown object can nullify an enemy projectile. Your Primal defensive capabilities are second to none.

There are massive objects in every arena—concrete fountains, metal machinery, stone gargoyles. These inflict the most damage. Gesture toward an object with your offensive hand to draw it close. But choose carefully; heavy objects take longer to attract.

The Anarchist Class

Open your mind. Can you sense the unrest?  Can you feel the struggle of three million burning souls in a city of shattered glass?

These chaotic forces are yours to command as The Anarchist!

Cast these kind of spells together;  visualize your strategy and plan ahead.

Destroy your opponent’s Embers to limit their casting options. Controlling the arena is one key to victory.

But take heed: volatile magic consumes the unwise! Remember your training.

The Drifter Class

The city is annotated. There are glyphs on every sidewalk, in every alley, and beneath every overpass—an other-dimensional scrawl visible only to the preternaturally aware.

Look hard enough, and you’ll see the future. The doors of perception are open wide for The Drifter!

Dominate the physical space. Attune yourself to the cosmos and shrug off this terrestrial plane. But remember, you may well lose a direct battle. Your success hinges on foresight and subterfuge.  Keep to the shadows.

ESRB Rating

Mild Violence, Users Interact

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