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Come to our location to have a first person Virtual reality expeirence for you and your friends.

Make the most of your time in our studio by deciding a few things before you arrive.  Things like the type of games you like to play, the genre, the play area, etc.  All of this information is below for you to learn about and help you decide.

The VR Play Area

VR games come in many different genres, just as all video games do.  However, they mainly have three different play area requirements.  Each type of requirement renders its own experience.  But, it also allows users the ability to enjoy VR in the way that most suits them.  Austin County VR is set up to handle any of these styles.  All you have to do is pick the game.


Standing VR games allow players to move about in a 360 degree circle but, make it unnecessary to move any distance.  This usually manifests in the form of a “point-&-click” teleport option within the game.


Sitting VR games are perfect for those who simply want to experience VR but, don’t want to “break a sweat”.  This is also ideal for individuals with walking disabilities or those who must utilize a wheelchair.


Room-Scale VR games utilize a large space that allow more movement in order to replicate real-world movements for the player and makes the virtual environment seem that much more real. 

The Game Rating System

We’ve made sure to include each game’s rating given by the ESRB Game Rating System.  This allows parents of children coming to visit us the ability to decide which games would be best for their children to play.  Each game includes the category, which defines age apropriateness as well as the content descriptor indicating what content the game contains that parents could find objectionable.

The Gaming Genre

Knowing a game’s genre is important to help players choose games that they will enjoy.  A video game genre is a classification assigned to it based on game-play interaction rather than any visual or narrative differences.   These are defined by a set of game-play challenges and are classified independently of their setting or game-world content.  So, for example, a game might be set in a Medieval/Fantasy setting where you shoot enemies with a bow.  But, this would still be classified as a “shooter” regardless of the low tech setting.

We have a wide selection of games that can satisfy everyone’s gaming tastes.  Be adventurous when you look into the games. Just because you don’t usually like a certain genre don’t let that keep you from exploring all the games we have to offer. You may find that you like something out of your comfort zone!

**NOTE** Some games can and do occupy several genres (for example: shooting zombies counts as a “shooter” AND “horror” game).  So, if you see the same game in a different gaming genre, don’t be surprised.

Gaming Skill Level

Virtual Reality games are a lot of fun.  But, pair a game with the wrong skill level of player and that can equal a very frustrating and thereby spoil someone’s enjoyment of the VR Experience.  VR really is its own animal when it comes to gaming, however, it is still gaming.  And, it is for this reason that a person’s knowledge and skill level with video games is an important factor when choosing which game(s) you’d like to play when visiting us.  So, we’ve divided our games (by our own personal opinion) as to what skill level best suits a players gaming knowledge/skill in order to maximize the enjoyment and time you spend with us at Austin County VR, ensuring that it is the best experience that it can be. 

(Note:  Most all of our games have skill level adjustments.  So, a “beginner” game can be adjusted to give an “Advanced” player a run for their money.)


No knowledge to very limited knowledge of video games.  May own a computer and occasionally plays “Patience Games” on it (solitaire, free cell,  mahjong, etc.)  Never had much interest or was one to play any kind of video game.  Views video games as a novelty or something that only kids play.  Becomes frustrated or confused with the iterations of modern games.


Intermediate level gaming knowledge are people who have played, and even could still play, video games and the concept isn’t foreign to them.  Probably played early Nintendo games (1985 Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, etc.)  Has spent some time in a video game arcade and enjoys the venue and format.  Possibly owns a gaming console.


Advanced players are what most would refer to as “gamers”.  Intimate knowledge of first person shooters, LAN and Online game-play.  Owns a gaming computer or console game system (X-Box, PlayStation, Nintendo).  Intimately familiar with multiple button configurations for hand controllers; PC gaming with mouse and keyboard.

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