Archangel (single player game)

Archangel drops you into the cockpit of a six-story war machine.  In this action-packed, story driven rail shooter, you and your squad are the last hope to stop a tyrannical corporation from controlling post-apocalyptic America.  Archangel delivers state-of-the-art VR gameplay with detailed graphics, engaging narrative, and explosive action.


Archangel:  Hellfire (multi-player game)

Archangel:  Hellfire delivers off-rails multiplayer VR warfare and explosive combat.  In addition, there are two game modes, including a cooperative mode and a new team deathmatch mode, along with all-new maps, and new classes of mech.

– Building-sized Mechs: Drop into six different state-of-the-art war machines
– 13+ Weapon Systems: Rain hellfire in every direction with arm-mounted artillery
– Unique Special Abilities: Singularity Beam, Invisibility Cloak, Death from Above… Use strategically!
– 4 Unforgiving Maps: Blast the destructible desert, mountain, farmland, and city into pieces and use the natural features of the landscape to your advantage.
– Tactile cockpit controls: Roam free, and fight to win with full control of your mech

NOTE:  The multiplayer game comes in two versions; online play and local play. Online multiplayer depends solely on the amount of people playing on the game server at the time as to how many players will be in the game.   If you and a friend would like to play locally at the same time then the the rental of an additional VR room with included headset is necessary.


ESRB Rating

Blood, Language, Violence

Play Area

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