Don’t Look Back. Ever…

Venture deep into the darkness but beware of what lurks within!  Affected: The Manor is a completely terrifying walk-through “game” and will be an absolute blast for fans of thrills, chills, and trouser moistening fright fests.

AFFECTED has been commended as one of the best Virtual Reality experiences to date and thus far has over 200 million YouTube hits and countless features worldwide. By far the most popular horror experience in VR.

With a choice of two routes and four alternate endings… can you make it through?!  

The length of The Manor is perfectly tailored to be a shared experience. No loading save points or getting friends to a “certain” part of a game. Simply strap on the headset and enjoy watching your friends and family navigate “The Manor”.

NOTE:  You won’t get lost in “The Manor” or have to spend time looking at level maps to navigate your way. If a door is open, then that’s the way to go. This removes frustrating elements like trying to find keys to open doors.  You also can’t “die” in “The Manor” causing players to have to re-play parts of a level numerous times.  That can get really frustrating and desensitize the player to the environment and overall experience.  The Manor was created for complete immersion into the experience.

FOR COMPLETE IMMERSION we recommend you play AFFECTED standing up in a dark room!

WARNING: This experience uses Jump Scares! You have been warned!

ESRB Rating

Uses Jump Scares

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